Yummy Newsletter #16

Hello and hope you have had a Yummy month!

Just arrived home from a Yummy month of workshops coast to coast!!
First stop was a return to The Lodge at Woodloch - always a great place to teach and visit!
Next stop was Ocean House - I was honored to have been selected as an Artist-in-Residence! My visit was spent teaching Yummy knitting as well as presenting my newest workshop - Get Inspired with Jessica. This presentation focuses on my journey as an entrepreneur, reinvention, expanding your community, positivity and the power of saying yes to new experiences!!
The final stop this month was back to Golden Door. It was a week of workshops for their guests - as well as the Golden Door staff. What a treat it was to teach Yummy Mindful Knitting to their wonderful employees - so happy to have had that opportunity!
Yummy College Scarves!!
What a great way to show your school spirit!! Would the college student in your life like a Yummy Scarf in their college colors? This Yummy Scarf can be made in any college/university colors!!
Free Shipping for the Holidays!!
Yummy holiday gifts for everyone on your list and enjoy free shipping on your orders for the rest of 2019!! Please use the code FREESHIPPING2019 - Happy Holidays and Thank YOU!!
Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for my family, friends and my loyal Yummy Community!! Thank YOU for all of your continued support of me and It's a...Yummy!! I am beyond grateful that knitting has brought me so many positive experiences - especially the chance to meet, get to know and knit with my Yummy Community!!
We would love to hear from you – and welcome your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, pics of you with your Yummy’s, etc. Click here to email us.

Until next month...xoxo!!!