About Us

I was taught to knit by my yoga teacher. She was giving a 4 week course on the basics of knitting - while emphasizing the meditative qualities and mindfulness that knitting provides. To say that I loved it is an understatement. I enjoyed the process of knitting as well as the products that I was making with my newly acquired knitting skills.

One day, during an internet search - looking for knitting ideas - I came across the idea of extreme knitting and I was hooked. Extreme knitting is knitting that is done with large needles and oversized yarn. I began creating throws for family and friends - using larger needles and my Yummy custom made, oversized, 100% merino wool yarn. The response to my blankets was so positive that I decided to turn my passion into a business and started It’s a…Yummy.

We believe beauty is in the details. The quality of our wool, the size and color of our yarn, and the weave of our knit contribute to the uniqueness of our creations. Additionally, we hand knit all of our products to ensure each piece is a beautiful and usable work of art. Our philosophy at It’s a…Yummy is simple: Color + Texture = Yummy!!!

Thank you for visiting our Yummy community and taking the time to learn more about my company. We appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy your experience!!