Knitting Parties

Are you a beginner knitter or perhaps you have been knitting longer than you can remember - would you like to learn to knit with It’s a…Yummy’s custom made yarn? Would you like to learn how to do this from a Yummy trained knitter? Looking for a fun idea for you and your friends? Does your church, synagogue, or preschool need a great fundraising activity? Need a creative activity for your birthday party?

As a host – you invite your friends, colleagues, neighbors, your community to an It’s a…Yummy Knitting Party. The parties are typically 1 hour in length. We will provide the It’s a…Yummy yarn, knitting needles and a Yummy trained knitting instructor. Our knitting specialist will teach your guests how to knit with our Yummy yarn and oversized needles. Your guests will learn how to make a Yummy Knitting Party Scarf – which they will have to take home at the end of the party.

Contact It’s a…Yummy to learn about our knitting parties - where you can be creative, socialize and leave with a new skill and a scarf!!!