Yummy Newsletter #14

Hello and hope you have had a Yummy month!

The Summer flew by so quickly - was it a good one for you?
Now that Fall is around the corner - It's a...Yummy has been busy getting ready for lots of upcoming travel. Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops will be happening all over the country this Fall - in addition to the NY area.

Come and experience the mindful and meditative benefits of knitting at a Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshop!! The act of knitting calms the mind and focuses your thoughts. It's a...Yummy takes knitting a step further by providing simple and quick tips to enhance the mindfulness of knitting as well as your everyday life!

Here are some of the upcoming resort destinations hosting
Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops:
Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico - September 21-28
Red Mountain Resort in Ivins, Utah - October 10-14
Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, PA - October 25-27
Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI - November 8-11
Golden Door in Escondido, CA - November 14-20
Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ - December 7-11
I hope you can join me at one of these fabulous resorts.
Looking forward to seeing you then!!

If you can't join me "on-location" - perhaps you can join me locally in the NY area. This Fall I will be teaching at:
Chappaqua Continuing Education - October 17
Scarsdale Adult School - October 29
Rocks - Jewelry Gift Home in Chappaqua - November 1

What if you can't make it to one of my local Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshopsor one of my "on location" Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops - well...
Do you want to learn to knit?
Are you an advanced knitter looking to try new methods?
Looking for a fun idea for you and your friends?
Does your church, synagogue or preschool need a great fundraising event?
Interested in an artistic project for an upcoming birthday party or shower?
Could your employees benefit from participating in a sustainable and creative team building activity?
Contact me to learn how you can bring Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops to your home, office or a location of your choosing.
Be mindful, creative, socialize, have fun and learn a new skill!!
We would love to hear from you – and welcome your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, pics of you with your Yummy’s, etc. Click here to email us.

Until next month...xoxo!!!