Yummy Newsletter #8

Hello and hope you have had a Yummy month!

It's a...Yummy has had a busy and memorable month!
First stop this month was Los Angeles to film a segment on Home & Family on Hallmark Channel. Absolutely loved my visit to the set to tape my "How to knit a Yummy Mini Wrap" feature. THANK YOU HOME & FAMILY!!!
If you missed my episode - please click here to watch.
Thank You Inside Chappaqua and Inside Armonk Magazines​ for featuring It's a Yummy​ in your May issue - it is such an awesome write-up!!
Please click here to read all about It's a...Yummy and me!
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity - along with all of these volunteers to teach over 250 children how to knit at PS 145 The Bloomingdale School in NYC. So excited to have been included in this very heart-warming experience!
To see where It’s a...Yummy will be next - be sure to check the
Shows & Events page on itsayummy.com.
It's a...Yummy will be returning to DayDreamer Studio in Cross River on May 31st at 7p for a Yummy Mini Scarf Knitting Workshop!! As a class participant, you will learn how to knit a scarf using It's a...Yummy's yarn and oversized needles. At the end of the hour - you will have learned a skill and will be leaving with your very own creation - a Yummy Mini Scarf!
Hope you will join me for this fun and creative evening!!!
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Until next month...xoxo!!!