Yummy Newsletter #6

Hello and hope you have had a Yummy month!

It was so exciting to have our DIY Yummy Mini Scarf Knitting Kit debut on the Today Show! Stay tuned - we will be debuting 3 more kits very soon - a DIY Yummy Knit Scarf Kit, a DIY Yummy Baby Blanket Kit and a DIY Yummy Throw Kit. If you missed the segment on the Today Show - you can click here to watch it now!!

It's a...Yummy DIY Mini Scarf Knitting Kit - as seen on the Today Show - has everything you need to make this Yummy scarf!!!

Breathe in...knit one, breathe out...purl one, breathe in...knit one, breathe out...purl one - knitting is mindful and Yummy!

It's a...Yummy is sooo excited about our Extreme Knitting Workshops - at DayDreamer Studio in Cross River. As a class participant, you will learn how to knit a scarf using It’s a…Yummy’s yarn and oversized needles. At the end of the hour - you will have learned a skill and will be leaving with your very own creation - a Yummy Mini Scarf!! There are 2 upcoming workshops - join me on February 15 at 10:30a or on March 13th at 7p - be sure to sign up for this creative, fun and mindful class! Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Hoping you have a very Yummy and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We would love to hear from you – and welcome your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, pics of you with your Yummy’s, etc. Click here to email us.

Until next month...xoxo!!!