Yummy Newsletter #19

It has been a busy month teaching so many of you in my Yummy Community how to knit - virtually!! Loved spending time with each of you!! I am beyond grateful that Virtual Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops have been a helpful activity during this trying time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to The Washington Post, Parade Magazineand MacaroniKid for writing about the benefits of my Virtual Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops. I am so appreciative of their positive words!!!

Virtual Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops is something you can do for yourself - without having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home!

I will instruct you using video conferencing every step of the way - you will learn to knit and at the end of the hour long workshop you will have made a Yummy Scarf! We will have fun and practice social distancing together!! This workshop is appropriate for all ages and experience levels.

Knitting is a great way to be mindful, creative and de-stress during this difficult time - and I am looking forward to knitting with you soon!!!

Please click here to email me to receive details on these Virtual Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshops!

If you are interested in joining an upcoming Virtual Yummy Mindful Knitting Workshop or if you have a group and would like a private workshop - please click here to email me for more info!!

Stay Safe...xoxo!!!